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Welcome to the Rockman's Gallery.

These are a few of the Rocks I have carved. Almost all the rocks I carve are given as gifts to my friends but I will work for money. It is fun to pick up a piece of the Earth and turn it into wealth.

Click on the pictures to see a larger image.

[apple03.jpg] The Apple Tree carved for a friend
who decorated her kitchen using an Apple motif.
Showing here is the front of the stone.
[apple03b.jpg] The Apple Tree. Showing here is the front and back of the stone.
[Fatso] Fatso! One of the Rock Goblins.
[Kat] The Cat face and is done on a rock I ran thru the tumbler.

The Horse head is a copy of an Art Deco Masterpiece by AUGUSTE HERBST originally done on a hotel dinner plate.
[2 Ore Rock] This 2 Öre stone is made of Basalt from the Calapoia River in Oregon's Willamette Valley. The coin is from Sweden. The Swedes call them Öre we call them pennies. Until the mid 70's they made 1, 2 and 5 Öre coins. I am starting work on a Viking Ship with 5 Öre coins for shields.


This Stone comes from the Oregon Coast. The "bubbles" on top are common to many rocks found just south of Newport Oregon. I call the carving Dessert Rider. At least thats what I am calling it today. Roxanne says this rock is done. So its done.

Phillip D. Callicrate · · In Oregon