Salsa Salsa Salsa

Salsa is made from Tomatoes and Chiles and whatever else you might have available.


1 Garlic Clove
The juice of 1 Fresh LEMON or 2 to 4 Tablespoons White Vinegar.
Hot Sauce or Chili's or Cayenne

Other ingredients:
Green Onions, Green Pepper, Cilantro

When you pick a LEMON get a hard and even slightly green one. These usually are more tart and sour.
If don't like to use White Vinegar try it anyway. White Vinegar is strong and sour. Salsa just dosen't taste right with the sweeter vinegars.

How Hot
Just because you live in a death Penalty state does not mean you need to inflict your heat prefrences on your guests. Make the Salsa without any hot stuff. Add Hot Sauce or Cayenne Pepper in small amounts until its a little warm. Put the bottle of homemade hot sause on the table for the veterans.

Soap Flavors
Another thing to consider is that too alot of people cilantro tastes like soap. Myself included. Start with a small amount for those who are not familiar. After they start to like Cilantro you can make Salsas that are almost green with it. Many of my friends now love the stuff.

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